My New Toy!

My new friend was delivered Thursday! I’m hoping we’ll get along just  fine.

I purchased my machine from a lady in Louisiana, who was moving up to a better machine.  It’s a Brother Innov-is Duetta Disney 4500D with 1948904 stitches. 

One can never replace her 1st love, and my 1st and only love has been a Singer Genie, circa 1974. This sweet little machine has been my one and only sewing machine for my entire adult life, purchased new as a young bride. I tailored suits and coats, sewed silky evening gowns and costumes, constructed heavy denim carriers and bags, and sewed countless miles of stitches on it.  It still runs fine, and I would never think of parting with it. But I think that perhaps it can take it easy for the 2nd half of it’s life, finding a restful easygoing life on the boat.

However, at the least bit of prompting from my honey, I decided to update myself a bit, and after much searching and REseaching, decided on the Brother. I’ve never had a machine that did anything besides straight stitches and zig-zag. So this machine is sort of a whole new experience for me. I’m hoping that between my common sense and my experience with software it won’t be too dificult to master, or at least tame a bit.


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