Our 1st Play Date!

After a quick trip to the fabric store for some remnants, I spent the day playing with my new toy. Only a few false starts, and we were up and running. It’s very easy to use, and between the manual and the on-screen tutorials, it’s rather intuitive.

Rather than just doing random stitches, I decided to make a tote bag & try a couple of things. I sucessfully did a small embroidery, using the only backing I had. A tear off made for medium weight fabrics, which worked fine. I don’t have any embroidery thread, so I just used what I have on hand.  It’s certainly not perfect, but it turned out pretty nice, and I’m pleased with my initial attempt.

So much for my 1st little project…Geo is gone for the weekend, and so I’m planning on spending the rest of my free time experimenting.

I’m really getting to like my new friend, and our 1st play date was a lot of fun!!


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