Practice is all it takes…

I decided to do a monochrome quilt with contrasting thread to try out features of my new machine. I selected some black & white fabrics, one of which has a bit of Fushia. So the quilt will be Black & White & Fushia all over.

I’ve started on it..basically just a random patch quilt with a few white blocks, embroidered in Fushia. I purchased some Gutermann thread to try out, as this is all so new to me. Now I know that machine embroiderers will pooh-pooh me, but I used serger thread as my bobbin thread. It worked just fine, and my embroidery turned out pretty nice!  I only have one type of stabilizer that I had purchased at the Sewing & Quilting Expo a couple weeks ago. It seems sort of heavy, but after it was torn off, it appears that it did what it was supposed to.

I’m anxious to get it all pieced together so I can begin the decorative stitching. I looks rather bland & not pulled together at this point. I’m also going to use the remainder of the top fabric to do the backing. I’ve only just discovered that there is no reason not to make the back nearly as attractive as the front!

I understand the weather for the weekend is going to be not so nice, so I have every excuse to stay in & sew!


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