Scraps Are Fun!

I’d made a quilt for Geo’s new grandson this spring. From the scraps I made these:

This  is a triangular totebag. I saw this shape on a website somewhere & thought it was just too cute! I added black square beads up the front opening & a decorative brass zipper ornament. Several people have actuallly thought it WAS a zipper! The handle is 2 strands of the silky ‘rope’ you use as tie-backs for draperies. It’s knotted and then hand stitched to the bag.

With more scraps I made these little bags – a small bag to hold knitting/crochet projects, a zippered bag to hold my Sony Reader, and a smaller bag to hold my electronic accessories:

Sony Reader Quilted Pouch

 I added braid trim & brass trinkets (jewelry making supplies) to the Reader pouch, and a brass trinket & bead to make a button for the closure on the electronics pouch. These 2 items have batting and lining and machine quilted (with my faithful Singer Genie…this was before getting  my Brother)

Electronics Accessory Pouch

This little Hobo pouch can hold a small sewing project. I often have a larger tote bag for my ‘stuff’, and got tired of lugging my current knitting or chrochet  project in it stuffed into a plastic grocery bag…kind of tacky doncha think? So I made this little bag  to hold whatever ‘craft of the day’ inside my big totebag…a lot classier, practical & cute.  It’s also lined, but no batting or quilting.

Having read about quilters accumulating huge amounts of scraps, I’m wondering if maybe by using up scraps from project to project (or 2 or 3), one can keep a handle on the stash/scrap bins.  Since we plan on living aboard a boat, I won’t have the luxury of space to store much, so I figure if I get in the habit of using scraps up promptly, I can avoid the perils so many quilters have fallen into.  I realize that seems a bit unreasonable, but when we sell the house I won’t have any choice. So might as well try to develop good habits now.


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