Caution: Under Contruction Patches Ahead

So, I pieced together the top of my quilt, sandwiched it with a backing and batting, and am now using the decorative stitches on my machine to outline the patches.  Both the front & back are stitched with the pink. It’s not the fastest job in the world…my iPhone gets quite a workout  with my music collection.

I purchased black & white embroidery bobbin thread on eBay…got a pretty good deal, I think. It’s not name brand, but as as beginner, I thought I’d get ‘student grade’ material, until I’ve progressed a bit.

Geo & I went grocery shopping the other evening. He found this odd plant..It’s called a ‘Volcano Plant’ & is growing from a piece of lava. No soil…just water in the tray to wick up thru the rock.  He was pleased…just what I need…another plant to work around in the kitchen!!!


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