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A Little Sewing

May 22, 2010

I actually got the day off yesterday & was able to work on the cushion covers I’m making for the boat. I purchased 2 inexpensive chair cushions & am recovering them. The 1st side is in bright, primary colors…hot pink floral, pink, blue, yellow, greens.

Boat Cushion Cover - Side 1

It really isn’t turning out anything like I imagined. But I’m just stymied as to a better design & I really don’t want to devote too much time to this. The other side will have some of the same solid fabrics, but will have as the main fabric, a deep blue print. Geo was not pleased that I wasn’t making covers all in blue…’to go with the boat’. Therefore, the reversable concept was used as a compromise.
Before going to the grocer’s this morning, I just happened to stop in at JoAnn Fabrics. I found a few nice things to add to my stash.
I also fell in love with this print, and there just happened to be a couple of greens that went very nicely!


AND..there was also a remnant of cotton batting. I’ve never used it, and this is about 30×54, so it’s enough to try it out.

These were all remnants, and they were reduced 50%, so my total for all of this was only approx. $14.50..not bad!


No Sewing Here!!

May 20, 2010

So, I haven’t been able to sew for the last few weeks…life & stuff just getting in the way…oh…unless you want to count mending a pair of raggedy jeans for my Tech! Geez…and for this I got a how many thousand dollar sewing machine??

So, it still doesn’t look like I’ll be doing any fun sewing for a while, but I wanted to at least post SOMETHING. I have to re-stitch some of the seams of my sailboat’s wheel/helm cover and replace the velcro on it. Over the years the thread exposed to the sun has deteriorated and the Velcro has lost it’s gripping power. Big whoop!

But on to something a little quilty….I attended the Quilt/Sewing Expo held here in Cleveland a few months ago. I absolutely fell in love with this quilt:

Veggie Quilt

…and bought the kit. Now, I have no idea when I’ll get to work on it… But I plan on taking my Singer Genie down to the boat, so maybe I’ll take this kit down to work on in my free time.

Singer Genie

I really intend to spend as much time as possible down there this year, and hope to spend a lot of time just doing what I want to do. And a little sewing just might be part of it!!