A Little Sewing

I actually got the day off yesterday & was able to work on the cushion covers I’m making for the boat. I purchased 2 inexpensive chair cushions & am recovering them. The 1st side is in bright, primary colors…hot pink floral, pink, blue, yellow, greens.

Boat Cushion Cover - Side 1

It really isn’t turning out anything like I imagined. But I’m just stymied as to a better design & I really don’t want to devote too much time to this. The other side will have some of the same solid fabrics, but will have as the main fabric, a deep blue print. Geo was not pleased that I wasn’t making covers all in blue…’to go with the boat’. Therefore, the reversable concept was used as a compromise.
Before going to the grocer’s this morning, I just happened to stop in at JoAnn Fabrics. I found a few nice things to add to my stash.
I also fell in love with this print, and there just happened to be a couple of greens that went very nicely!


AND..there was also a remnant of cotton batting. I’ve never used it, and this is about 30×54, so it’s enough to try it out.

These were all remnants, and they were reduced 50%, so my total for all of this was only approx. $14.50..not bad!


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One Response to “A Little Sewing”

  1. Ivory Spring Says:

    Hi Penny,

    Thanks for visiting me and leaving the kind comment.

    Your cushion cover is so sun-shiny looking, I love it.

    And those fabrics are gorgeous!

    Happy Sewing/Quilting!

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