Thank You JoAnn Fabrics!!


Red & Turquoise Stashings

Just HAD to go to JoAnn Fabrics to pick up some thread & fabric for a blouse, and lo & behold…all the Fat Quaters were 1/2 price!!! Soo…I just picked up a few. I’ve fallen for a quilt I saw somewhere … Reds & Turquoise. I just couldn’t resist getting a start on that grouping, so here’s the results.  There were very few prints, but  I figured these will be a good base. Now I just need to find a few fabrics that really pop with color & I’ll be able to start. 

 Unfortunatly, the nearest JoAnn’s is really pretty 2nd rate as far as their selection of fabrics. There IS another one only a  bit farther which has a better selection.  It’s pretty sad…Cleveland has become a one fabric store chain town. Sure, there’s some indie ‘Mom & Pop’ shops, but I really don’t want to pay the kind of prices they need to charge.  I felt so bad when Minnesota Fabrics left the area. That was a number of years ago..this is nothing new, but it still bothers me that our city just can’t support 2 major fabric chains. Guess Clevelander’s just aren’t a crafty bunch, as a whole.

No sewing…just adding to the stash!


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