My Other Stash….

Lily In The Bag

Lily In The Bag

Couldn’t resist. She thinks the white plastic sets off her features just SO! And when you’re as pretty as she is, any photo-op is worth it (her take on the matter) 

But back to the title…my other stash… 

I’m planning on moving aboard a 42′ boat & cruising indefinitely. This precludes having a collection of books, magazines, & when out of range of a WiFi signal, the internet. In order to have plenty of fodder to fuel my creative juices, I’m busy collecting photos, PDF files, converting articles & instructions to PDF & generally amassing that which I will have to do without. 

I’ve been poring over photos on the internet, blogs, & other likely internet sites for inclusion in my permanent ‘morgue’ of information. (A ‘morgue’, in this case, is a resource library) The pics are not going to be re-issued on the internet or passed on to anyone else…being only for my personal use.  I’ve acquired over 1100 various documents, and have only just made a dent! There are so many talented folks out there & I’d hate to miss any of the quilty & crafty inspirations they all provide!  Since I won’t have room for books with ideas & instructions, this will provide me with the references I’ll need when the internet is unavailable.

I’m collecting tutorials & how to’s when I can, but oftentimes a good photo will be enough for me to use to make up the pattern. So if you see me rummaging around your site, don’t be concerned. You won’t find your items showing up anywhere without your permission…just a few megabytes on a CD floating somewhere in the ocean keeping me company on a long passage between islands

This May Be Me!!

This May Be Me!!

I have a program called ‘Print 2 PDF’ which allows me to save documents as PDF files. I’ve been collecting tutorials & project instructions  and saving them as PDF files to add to my collection. This is a handy tool to have, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on Adobe Acrobat. There are several publishers who make PDF creators, but this just happens to be the one I like.

See Ya Out There!!

See Ya Out There!!


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2 Responses to “My Other Stash….”

  1. Candace Says:

    Maybe a kindle would help. I don’t know your situation, but they store a lot of books and the price has gone down. I’m enjoying your blog, I found it on “just us quilters”. I envy your adventure.

    • Penny Says:

      Have a Sony reader…ebook readers are GREAT!!! I have a collection of over 10,000 books for my future reading pleasure. But a computer has a much better, larger, in color screen for the photos & ‘stuff’ I’m collecting. THanks for stopping in!!

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