Now I Understand…

Red & Turquoise 9 Patch

Red & Turquoise 9 Patch

So, I cut all my squares & sewed up my 9 patch blocks. Pressed & then cut them. When I began to piece them, I had an inkling that there were inconsistancies. When I began sewing my white inserts, I REALLY found out I had inconsistancies!!  

Disappearing 9 Patch

Disappearing 9 Patch

I always thought people were just lazy, and not frugal (like me), wasting money buying pre-cut strips & blocks. Instead of getting out their cutter & board & just DOING IT.  As for me, I was spending time on the boat and figured I’d just as well cut the blocks the old fashioned way…with a tape measure, a cardboard template, a pen to mark with and (gasp) …a pair of sissors.  Since my forte has always been clothing, sissors would seem the proper tool. But one is only cutting 1 (or 2) fronts, a back, a couple sleeves & some various underpinnings.  

I discovered that if you are cutting a multitude of identical pieces, even with a proper sized template, you are bound to get variations hand cutting them. So, my disappearing squares are getting squared after they’re completed, before getting any sashing. I’d LIKE for them to sort of match up…we’ll see just how small my 4-1/2″ 9 patch squares really end up at!  

Well, this IS a learning experience. My 1st Disappearing 9 Patch quilt, and learning just how smart you all are who own a die-cutter for quilt blocks, sell said blocks, or those of you who BUY those blocks!!! I think I’ll be joining the ranks of you all in the future…Oh, I’ll still be cutting my own fabric for any of my freeform or crazy quilts, but if I want to do a real good job with a pattern that I have to worry about, I’ll be out looking for the best deals on pre-cut squares & strips!!!   

What do ya’ll think about tearing? I spent some time Sunday evening working on this project. I needed more of the 1-1/2″ pieces. So I tore said strips & ironed them nicely. They seemed to be just fine. I’m thinking I should have done that for my squares…would have reduced the error rate by 5o% anyway.  Or does proper steam pressing not ‘fix’ the stretched problem? Anyway…it’s coming along…anxious to get on with it!!!


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One Response to “Now I Understand…”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Those blocks are beautiful. Sure to be worth all the effort!

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