New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions

Naomi Itaya Japanese Patchwork Fabric

Naomi Itaya Japanese Patchwork Fabric

I fell in love with this print a couple weeks ago. You see, I sell on eBay. I buy a lot of computer hardware there for repairs at my computer store too. I get eBay Bucks for all my purchases, and at set intervals one can cash them in. I told Geo that the eBay Bucks was MINE to spend on whatever (guess what?)

I came across this fabric & knew I had to have it. Colors being what they are on a monitor, I wrote the seller to ask for advise on what other fabrics would be good companions for it. She was so helpful…suggesting other fabrics, and offering to send scans of fabrics she didn’t have listed. And if I wanted some, she would list them for me to purchase.  I bought all the fabrics she suggested on the 22nd and I had it in my hot little hands on the 24th!! 

If you are an eBayer, I recommend this seller. She promptly answers questions, combines shipping charges, happy to make suggestions, & ships lightning fast!! You can find her at:

(I have no connection with the seller, just wanted to pass on a nice dealer with pretty fabrics & good customer service)

But aren’t those pretty fabrics? This one is going to have to simmer for a while. I don’t have a CLUE of what pattern I’d like to use. Any suggestions?

Summer Patio

Summer Patio

Ya’ll show off your summer yards/gardens. I used to be one of you…I had vegetables, flowers, weeded them, canned produce,…basically cared.  Well, those days are over. I’m a dirt dweller only by necessity. My free time is spent on my boat. So the best I can do for summer flower pics is the corner of the patio where Geo placed the orchids for the summer. See how there’s not a bloom on them? The pot of impatiens, plus a couple hanging baskets of New Guinea impatiens is about it around the old homestead.  But I WILL admire yours any time you want to post some pics of your purdy posies!!!


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  1. ivoryspring Says:

    Beautiful fabrics! Yes, I have bought fabrics from the same seller… she is fabulous!

    I should have some pictures of my turquoise/salmon quilt for you some time next week! 🙂

  2. sartenada Says:

    How beautiful fabrics! Fantastic.

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