Sewing In My Jammy Pants…The BEST!

Friday I went down to the boat, intending on being productive. Well, that was just not to be. It was cold & looked like rain. I hosed down the decks & the cockpit, and then went down below, put on my Jammy Pants & vegged with a book. Dinner & some TV &  a read in bed was it for the night.

Hawaiian Floral Quilt

Hawaiian Floral Quilt

Saturday dawned cold & windy, so still in those snuggy fleece Jammy Pants, I spent the day working on this summery, Hawaiian flowered quilt.

Jammy Pants

Jammy Pants

I have just one more row to do for the main squares (ran short of the dark green). Then I’ll figure how to border it, perhaps increasing the length somewhat.

As you can see, my little mates were not big on active helping either…snoozing was  pretty much it for them.

Bos'n Lucy

Bos'n Lucy

1st Mate Molly

1st Mate Molly

That’s about it for now…Happy Sewing!


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One Response to “Sewing In My Jammy Pants…The BEST!”

  1. ivoryspring Says:

    Nice colors on that quilt! 🙂 It sounded like you had a grand time of relaxation. 🙂

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