It’s All About ME ME ME!

Having spent the last 19 or so years running a computer software & hardware business with my darling, Geo, I’ve started trying to do a little of the stuff that I’ve pushed aside for all those years. We’re trying to retire, and unlike folks who work for others, retiring is a job in itself. When you work for yourself, you can’t just give your 2 weeks notice and take off for the great adventure.  We’ve a business to sell, property to sell, then sell all our worldly possessions.  When we’ve accomplished that, we’ll be able to commence on our grand adventure.

The grand adventure is living aboard our 42′ Catalina sailboat, SV Outrageous! Oh…and learning how to sail it, too!!  We plan on taking her South. Where? South…the Caribbean, Central America, South America, wherever. But if it just ends up being Marathon Florida, that’s OK too. The point is, we’re OUTTA HERE as soon as we can. (Those who know us will say that will take years, but that’s ok…we’re trying)

As you get older, you have to keep working on living the dream. If you don’t, that’s when you’ll really start getting old. We look forward to new challenges, and planning and scheming and daydreaming.

I’ve always sewn. Started making my own clothes when I was 10 or so. I’ve done tailoring, costume design, custom dressmaking & alterations & some simple upholstry. I’ve made a few quilts (tied, not quilted), knitted,  crocheted &  embroidered countless miles of yarn & thread and dabbled in any other craft you might throw at me. 

Quilting has been pulling at my heartstrings again, and now I want to master that craft. And since Geo gifted me with my wonderful new sewing machine, I now have the tools to work towards that goal.   And the resources I’ve found here on the Internet have been astounding. The wonderful,  generous, talented people whose blogs I follow, whose websites I drool over are inspirations and learning tools I would never have had access to. I’m thankful to all you out there who give so much of yourselves for the craft you love!


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