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Life Just Has A Way Of Moving You On….

July 6, 2011

So now I’m in the custom embroidery, iPad, iPhone, Totebag, Sandwich Bag business….Things change & the quilts I’ve been working on, or planning are going to be staying put for the next while. I’ve opened an Etsy shop – GetPersonalEtc.

I have a modest collection of nice things you may like…they’re certainly not in the quilty world I was entering, but you might find useful or fun or a nice gift for someone.

I am happy to do custom work, and you can feel free to ‘convo’ me on Etsy.

So, until I get back here with some quilty goodness, I’ll look forward to seeing you on Etsy!



Quicky Quilt Donation

September 15, 2010
Lime Blue Red Patchwork Quilt

Lime Blue Red Patchwork Quilt

The last week before Labor Day weekend I had an idea to make a quilt to donate to our Boat Club to raffle off. Our club was holding a Gyro & Snow Cone sale. And our locale is adjacent to a great little park on the shores of Lake Erie, from which many come to watch the Air Show. 

So I cobbled together a small (46″x48″) quilt from my stash & had it done for the event. I did the cutting & sewing the top on the boat with my Singer Genie and took it home to put together & quilt on my Brother 4500D.

Quilt Back

Quilt Back

I hand embroidered on the front corner a little.

Whiskey Island Boat Club 2010

Whiskey Island Boat Club 2010

Everyone was pleased with my donation & one of our marina neighbors won the quilt. 

I wasn’t able to get many (or ANY) good pics from the air show. But here’s one of the Blue Angels passing in front of our marina. 

Cleveland Air Show 2010 Whisky Island

Cleveland Air Show 2010 Whisky Island

So summer is pretty  much officially over for us here in Cleveland. And it’ll be time to close up the boat in the next month or so.  But at least that’ll mean I have more sewing time available!! Life’s always a trade-off!

Fat Quarter Give-Away!!

August 19, 2010


This is a VERY nice giveaway from Jaybird Quilts:

 sponsored giveaway: featuring The Fat Quarter Shop

It’s for a fat quarter bundle of the entire collection of Pure by Sweetwater! That’s 37 fat quarters!!!  How awesome is THAT!!!  Hurry over…deadline is Thursday nite!


August 11, 2010
Black & White & Fushia

Black & White & Fushia



 I finally got my 1st quilt with my new machine done. It was meant to try out all the many decorative stitches on the machine. It was a lot of fun, but not knowing exactly what I was doing, it certainly didn’t turn out like I’d hoped! Actually, I really hate the back.  I certainly didn’t think it thru properly. But what’s done is done, and I learned a lot on it. (Think I’ll give it to my Sissy…she’ll appreciate it, just becuz I made it.)

I remember the 1st watercolors I painted….It took me years to get past that “beginner’s look”. You have to do something a lot of times before you become proficient.  So even though I’m an advanced seamstress, quilting is just  a whole new ballgame. Back to being a beginner!!!

But all you wonderful quilters out there inspire me…your creative designs & color choices, your talent & techniques that you share on your blogs…I’ll get there eventually!!


August 2, 2010
Moda Luna Notte

Moda Luna Notte

Recieved 4 Charm Packs of this pretty Moda Luna Notte in today’s mail from emeraldcityfabricandcraft…another eBay seller that I want to recommend. You can find her at:

I love the soft quiet look of this group of colors…I just want to cuddle up underneath it!!

More Give-Aways!!!

July 21, 2010

Here are several giveaways that are coming up…some very nice things!!! I sure appreciate not only the work these bloggers put into their craft, but the nice blogs they seem to find time to produce!

Check out these chances to win some quilting supplies:

 Just Ramblin’ for a chance to win 1 of 9 charm packs!

Gen X Quilters for a chance to win Gingher 4.5” thread snips!

The Curious Quilter for a chance to win a set of 80 (80!!) 5” fabric charms!


July 19, 2010
Red Turquoise 9 Square

Red Turquoise 9 Square

Last week I was tag surfing, as I am wont to do, and some person unknown made a statement to the effect that ‘It wasn’t an heirloom quality quilt…just maybe picnic quilt’. Well at that moment, I thought nothing about it, and went on with my browsing. 

But then this weekend it slunk back from the depths of my memory banks & eased itself up to my conscience. Something about it just didn’t sound right. It festered around on Saturday as I spent the afternoon sewing Disappearing Nine Patch squares on my boat S/V Outrageous. (sewing while on the boat…not actually sewing patches onto the boat!) It was pretty steamy and not too many folk about. So the luxury of an air-conditioned boat, 65 percent humidity and close to 90 degree temps were as good as an excuse as any to have some quality “Me’ time with my little Singer Genie.

Then it hit me….the problem with the person’s statement. ALL quilts are heirloom quality/worthy/potential! When you consider the amount of time and effort and love that’s put into every quilt ever made, it matters not that sometimes the corners don’t match, the tip of a triangle doesn’t show, that the fabric choices were less than appealing.

If someone cares about another enough to spend the time necessary to create a quilt, then there’s a good chance that it will be considered a precious possession by the person receiving it.  Merriam Webster Online defines ‘heirloom’ as:  “Something of special value handed on from one generation to another.” Sounds about right to me!!

Now, I believe that what the author meant to say was that the quilt in question  wasn’t  SHOW quality or COMPETITION quality. Big difference there. I would never even consider entering a quilt in a competition. I’m a real beginner when it comes to quilting, and my work certainly shows it. But I would like to think that the quilts I have made, imperfections and all, will be considered well-loved possessions by the owners and one day passed on to their  heirs.

I’m sure most of the ‘Quilty’ folk out there have a quilt or two (or more) passed down from an Auntie or Grandma or other friend or family member. And you love your quilt, because that person made it. Not because it’s a prize winner in a show. Because you love that person or that person loved you.

I hope that one day I’ll make a quilt that is ‘show worthy’. But in the meantime, I’ll just keep quilting along….making memories and showing my love with my little quilts.

Just A Quick Trip To The Fabric Shop….!

April 22, 2010

I needed to get some fabric to make a reinforcement strip on a nylon cover for a 10’x10′ gazebo. It’s tearing along the area where the velco straps  hold it in place on the framework. So…off to Joann’s to get some canvas, duck, or some such fabric. Found some…suitable color & weight, so that’s that.

But then, as I headed for the checkout, I happened to see that they had some of their quilt bundles (5 – 18″x21″ pieces) 30% off!! Well…how could I pass it up? Was quite conservative…only bought 2!!

I need to make a Sewing Machine Cozy for my new machine, so one of these might be quite nice. I’ve been scouring the internet looking for inspiration & have a few ideas in mind. So, after I get this gazebo cover done, and closer to complete on Black, White & Fushia All Over, I’ll get busy with this.  Well, except that I need to finish the cushions I started for the boat…and then….oh well…so many projects, so little time. I need to retire!

Practice is all it takes…

April 15, 2010

I decided to do a monochrome quilt with contrasting thread to try out features of my new machine. I selected some black & white fabrics, one of which has a bit of Fushia. So the quilt will be Black & White & Fushia all over.

I’ve started on it..basically just a random patch quilt with a few white blocks, embroidered in Fushia. I purchased some Gutermann thread to try out, as this is all so new to me. Now I know that machine embroiderers will pooh-pooh me, but I used serger thread as my bobbin thread. It worked just fine, and my embroidery turned out pretty nice!  I only have one type of stabilizer that I had purchased at the Sewing & Quilting Expo a couple weeks ago. It seems sort of heavy, but after it was torn off, it appears that it did what it was supposed to.

I’m anxious to get it all pieced together so I can begin the decorative stitching. I looks rather bland & not pulled together at this point. I’m also going to use the remainder of the top fabric to do the backing. I’ve only just discovered that there is no reason not to make the back nearly as attractive as the front!

I understand the weather for the weekend is going to be not so nice, so I have every excuse to stay in & sew!

Our 1st Play Date!

April 10, 2010

After a quick trip to the fabric store for some remnants, I spent the day playing with my new toy. Only a few false starts, and we were up and running. It’s very easy to use, and between the manual and the on-screen tutorials, it’s rather intuitive.

Rather than just doing random stitches, I decided to make a tote bag & try a couple of things. I sucessfully did a small embroidery, using the only backing I had. A tear off made for medium weight fabrics, which worked fine. I don’t have any embroidery thread, so I just used what I have on hand.  It’s certainly not perfect, but it turned out pretty nice, and I’m pleased with my initial attempt.

So much for my 1st little project…Geo is gone for the weekend, and so I’m planning on spending the rest of my free time experimenting.

I’m really getting to like my new friend, and our 1st play date was a lot of fun!!