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Organizing My Stash

September 16, 2010

I have come to the conclusion that clear bins are NOT the way to store your stash. You have to unstack them off the shelves, open them, remove the contents, REPEAT for all bins, to go thru what you have, what might look good together, etc.  in order to utilize what you have. It’s just easier to go out & buy more!!!   

I’ve seen people neatly fold their fabric on shelves, but I know myself & will end up with a disheveled mess.  I’ve seen the Fabric Organizers that several companies offer. But I’m just a bit too frugal to pay for rectangular pieces of plastic or paper board. 

So I’ve been cutting cardboard squares approx 5″x6-1/2″. 

Cardbord For Fabric Organizer

cardboard For Fabric Organizer


I then fold the fabric, slide a piece of cardboard into it, fold the fabric around it, and pin it in the corner … rubber bands stretch or get brittle so I decided on a straight pin. 

Making A Mini-Bolt 1

Making A Mini-Bolt 1

Making A Mini-Bolt 2

Making A Mini-Bolt 2

Making A Mini-Bolt 3

Making A Mini-Bolt 3

Making A Mini-Bolt 4

Making A Mini-Bolt 4

I have a bunch of cardboard bins from the warehouse  to stand the fabric mini-bolts up in on shelves in my closet. (I have a REAL small room..approx 7’x11′) 

Mini-Bolts In Cardboard Bins

Mini-Bolts In Cardboard Bins

So now I can see at a glance what I have…what a nice feeling it is to see it all at once. I’ve gotten 7 bins done, and am almost finished…maybe only 1 or 2 more bins to go.  These are useful for sizes from a fat quarter up to about a yard. The multiple yard fabrics will just have to stay folded in plastic  bins, but I don’t have too many of those. 

Dessert Course

Dessert Course

Do you see this ungodly combination of foods?  From top right, going clockwise: 

  • Chocolate ice cream, peach ice cream, garnished with pineapple chunks
  • Watermelon
  • Banana pudding
  • Mussels
  • Crablegs

This was my dear George’s final course at the Chinese Buffet we ate at last night! It was just so wrong…I HAD to post a pic. 

But he DID get an absolutely great fortune in his fortune cookie: 

Life is not a problem to be solved, but rather a mystery to be lived.

I think this may just be my new personal anthem! It’s a pretty good way to look at life, I think!


Fat Quarter Give-Away!!

August 19, 2010


This is a VERY nice giveaway from Jaybird Quilts:

 sponsored giveaway: featuring The Fat Quarter Shop

It’s for a fat quarter bundle of the entire collection of Pure by Sweetwater! That’s 37 fat quarters!!!  How awesome is THAT!!!  Hurry over…deadline is Thursday nite!


July 27, 2010
New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions

Naomi Itaya Japanese Patchwork Fabric

Naomi Itaya Japanese Patchwork Fabric

I fell in love with this print a couple weeks ago. You see, I sell on eBay. I buy a lot of computer hardware there for repairs at my computer store too. I get eBay Bucks for all my purchases, and at set intervals one can cash them in. I told Geo that the eBay Bucks was MINE to spend on whatever (guess what?)

I came across this fabric & knew I had to have it. Colors being what they are on a monitor, I wrote the seller to ask for advise on what other fabrics would be good companions for it. She was so helpful…suggesting other fabrics, and offering to send scans of fabrics she didn’t have listed. And if I wanted some, she would list them for me to purchase.  I bought all the fabrics she suggested on the 22nd and I had it in my hot little hands on the 24th!! 

If you are an eBayer, I recommend this seller. She promptly answers questions, combines shipping charges, happy to make suggestions, & ships lightning fast!! You can find her at:

(I have no connection with the seller, just wanted to pass on a nice dealer with pretty fabrics & good customer service)

But aren’t those pretty fabrics? This one is going to have to simmer for a while. I don’t have a CLUE of what pattern I’d like to use. Any suggestions?

Summer Patio

Summer Patio

Ya’ll show off your summer yards/gardens. I used to be one of you…I had vegetables, flowers, weeded them, canned produce,…basically cared.  Well, those days are over. I’m a dirt dweller only by necessity. My free time is spent on my boat. So the best I can do for summer flower pics is the corner of the patio where Geo placed the orchids for the summer. See how there’s not a bloom on them? The pot of impatiens, plus a couple hanging baskets of New Guinea impatiens is about it around the old homestead.  But I WILL admire yours any time you want to post some pics of your purdy posies!!!

More Give-Aways!!!

July 21, 2010

Here are several giveaways that are coming up…some very nice things!!! I sure appreciate not only the work these bloggers put into their craft, but the nice blogs they seem to find time to produce!

Check out these chances to win some quilting supplies:

 Just Ramblin’ for a chance to win 1 of 9 charm packs!

Gen X Quilters for a chance to win Gingher 4.5” thread snips!

The Curious Quilter for a chance to win a set of 80 (80!!) 5” fabric charms!


July 19, 2010
Red Turquoise 9 Square

Red Turquoise 9 Square

Last week I was tag surfing, as I am wont to do, and some person unknown made a statement to the effect that ‘It wasn’t an heirloom quality quilt…just maybe picnic quilt’. Well at that moment, I thought nothing about it, and went on with my browsing. 

But then this weekend it slunk back from the depths of my memory banks & eased itself up to my conscience. Something about it just didn’t sound right. It festered around on Saturday as I spent the afternoon sewing Disappearing Nine Patch squares on my boat S/V Outrageous. (sewing while on the boat…not actually sewing patches onto the boat!) It was pretty steamy and not too many folk about. So the luxury of an air-conditioned boat, 65 percent humidity and close to 90 degree temps were as good as an excuse as any to have some quality “Me’ time with my little Singer Genie.

Then it hit me….the problem with the person’s statement. ALL quilts are heirloom quality/worthy/potential! When you consider the amount of time and effort and love that’s put into every quilt ever made, it matters not that sometimes the corners don’t match, the tip of a triangle doesn’t show, that the fabric choices were less than appealing.

If someone cares about another enough to spend the time necessary to create a quilt, then there’s a good chance that it will be considered a precious possession by the person receiving it.  Merriam Webster Online defines ‘heirloom’ as:  “Something of special value handed on from one generation to another.” Sounds about right to me!!

Now, I believe that what the author meant to say was that the quilt in question  wasn’t  SHOW quality or COMPETITION quality. Big difference there. I would never even consider entering a quilt in a competition. I’m a real beginner when it comes to quilting, and my work certainly shows it. But I would like to think that the quilts I have made, imperfections and all, will be considered well-loved possessions by the owners and one day passed on to their  heirs.

I’m sure most of the ‘Quilty’ folk out there have a quilt or two (or more) passed down from an Auntie or Grandma or other friend or family member. And you love your quilt, because that person made it. Not because it’s a prize winner in a show. Because you love that person or that person loved you.

I hope that one day I’ll make a quilt that is ‘show worthy’. But in the meantime, I’ll just keep quilting along….making memories and showing my love with my little quilts.

Beautiful Flower Sugar 2 Fat Quarter Give-Away

July 13, 2010

 One fat quarter of every piece of Flower Sugar 2 (that’s 21 fat quarters in all). is making this super sweet offer…Stop by & check out her pages…beautiful stuff!!