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August 5, 2010
I Love Surfing....The Web!!

I Love Surfing....The Web!!

I love reading other Crafty Quilting blogs! Not only do I Tag Surf on my home site, WordPress, but I have just discovered that there are ‘Blog Directories’ , from which you have the big wide world of the internet at your fingertips to find concentrations of your favorite topic with just a few taps of the keyboard! I’ve included several buttons on the lower right section of my page for places you can go to see lots of other blogs. These are not subscription, but are free. I’ve added MY blog to their directories as well.

There’s lots of directories requiring paid subscriptions. For the person blogging to promote their products/service, this would perhaps be a good investment. But for those of us blogging to show off our ‘stuff’ & ideas as a kind of personal outlet, there’s no incentive to pay for ‘blog traffic’ But it IS fun to use to find more kindred spirits & see who’s doing what!

We all would like our ‘moment in the sun’…and the blog allows everyone the potential for just that. I know that many quilters enjoy some notoriety in ‘blogland’. These folk have worked very hard on their craft, and have worked on their blogging as well. These are the people you will find in my LONG list on the right. Some of them have selling venues of one sort or another. Whether it be an Etsy Shop, website, retail store or home based custom business, they’ve included a blog from which they can extend their love of quilting in yet one more direction. 

You find tons of tutorials on the internet. In all shapes & sizes & degrees of proficiency. Some folks have Youtube videos imbedded in their blog, others make PDF documents, others photo & write tutorials as posts. That’s another thing about crafters. Sharing what you do. In the past, craft would pass from one to another locally…at a quilting bee, in church basements, living rooms, craft stores. In this post-modern era we are more and more insular. I see many bloggers have virtual quilting bee’s, shop hops, get-togethers. We still basically just want to reach out to others.

It’s also very ego boosting when your site gets hits, or someone leaves a comment. And that ego boost in itself is tempting. How many hits did you have today? Did anyone leave a comment on my latest post? Guess it all boils down to…we just want to be loved and appreciated. Same ancient desire, just a new century.