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Still Not Quilting, but…

June 17, 2010 least I’m doing something.  We have the upcoming nuptials of a friend’s son in a couple weeks. The bride & groom are doing a casual ‘beach theme’ sort of reception, so I won’t need anything too dressy.

I’d seen an excerpt on a blog about ‘broomstick skirts’ & have decided to try one.


Hemming Over 200" On The Machine...Thank God!

Hemming Over 200" On The Machine...Thank God!

I’ve gotten the skirt completed, but not washed & wrapped around a broomstick to dry yet. Will post the outcome of that soon. The fabric is a great batik I got at JoAnn Fabric’s… 30% off.

The shirt fabric is chartreuse…yes, chartreuse.  The skirt is so bold, it can take the intensity of the green, and there’s the identical color in the skirt in small doses so it really pops. The outcome will be revealed soon!!

Chartreuse Fabric

I’m hoping I’ll get this done tomorrow. Will post pics when I can.


Thank You JoAnn Fabrics!!

June 15, 2010


Red & Turquoise Stashings

Just HAD to go to JoAnn Fabrics to pick up some thread & fabric for a blouse, and lo & behold…all the Fat Quaters were 1/2 price!!! Soo…I just picked up a few. I’ve fallen for a quilt I saw somewhere … Reds & Turquoise. I just couldn’t resist getting a start on that grouping, so here’s the results.  There were very few prints, but  I figured these will be a good base. Now I just need to find a few fabrics that really pop with color & I’ll be able to start. 

 Unfortunatly, the nearest JoAnn’s is really pretty 2nd rate as far as their selection of fabrics. There IS another one only a  bit farther which has a better selection.  It’s pretty sad…Cleveland has become a one fabric store chain town. Sure, there’s some indie ‘Mom & Pop’ shops, but I really don’t want to pay the kind of prices they need to charge.  I felt so bad when Minnesota Fabrics left the area. That was a number of years ago..this is nothing new, but it still bothers me that our city just can’t support 2 major fabric chains. Guess Clevelander’s just aren’t a crafty bunch, as a whole.

No sewing…just adding to the stash!

Mulberry Pie?

June 7, 2010

We have a Mulberry tree in the backyard.

Mulberry Branch

Mulberry Branch

This year it has an exceptional amount of berries, and they’re starting to ripen. George asked if I’d make him a Mulberry pie. I figured ‘why not’, so George picked while I started the crust.


He picked a goodly amount for a pie, eating as he went.

Bowl O'Berries

Bowl O'Berries

I used my standard crust recipe, and figured I’d use instructions  for a blackberry pie to guide my filling recipe.

Gramma's Pastry Blender

Gramma's Pastry Blender

After rinsing & blending with sugar & flour, the pie was filled.

Filling Ready To Bake

Out of the oven 45 minutes later (Excuse the large vent holes…Geo insisted on enlarging the nice slim slits I had scored the crust with!!)

Mulberry Pie

Mulberry Pie

After a late supper, Geo didn’t get around to having any for dessert last night, but had a piece this morning for breakfast.  He arrived here at the store with a sad expression on his face and apology on his lips. The pie really wasn’t very good.

Now, I’m a good cook, & a darn good pie baker. However, Mulberries have such a mild flavor that George was very disappointed with the results. 

I’ll try it when I get home tonight, but this might end up in the garbage can. Oh well…

As far as quilting, sewing, or any other handicrafts go at present, I’m sorry to report that  I haven’t touched a needle in weeks. Oh…I stitched a little on my Black & White & Pink All Over quilt I started a few monthes ago, and went to a friend’s house to pin her daughter’s bride’s maid gown for shortening, and her Mother of the Groom dress for shortening & slight altering, but that’s it.

I took my Singer Genie and a freshly stocked sewing kit down to the boat on Saturday, but was un-moved with taking any of my stash along  to begin a new ‘boat sized’ project. Figure I can do cutting (if it’s small pieces) & assembling blocks down there, bringing projects home as I need the space of home or the new Brother.